Duplication and Conversions


Old Tapes Converted to Digital Files and sent to Your Inbox - Just $12.99 - SALE, See red bar above

Emailed Dropbox Link - Viewable, Downloadable, and Shareable

You do not need a Dropbox account

$12.99 each- 

If needed - Shramek's Video will be your tech support. 402-805-8800

Any tapes to Flash Drive  $12.99 each 

  • Additional one time charge for Flash Drive  $4.99 
  • Each tape to its own DVD $12.99 each

Any disc duplication

  • $6.49 each
  • Small Orders while you wait

Transfer Any Digital Storage Device to DVD or Flash Drive

  • Camcorders    $19.99 (per 2 hours)
  • Hard drives    $19.99 (per 2 hours)
  • Memory cards    $19.99 (per 2 hours) 
  • Flash drives    $19.99 (per 2 hours)  
  • Any smartphone    $19.99  (per 2 hours or per 1000  JPEG photos) 
  • Emailed - Dropbox link, view, share, and download to your own device 

Convert Old Outdated Media to Digital files

  • Betamax Consumer  Video Tape     $12.99
  • Betacam Professional Video Tape     $19.99
  • Audio Cassettes (both sides)     $15.99
  • Records (both sides)     $19.99
  • Reel to Reel Audio Tape     $19.99 (Per 2 hours)
  • Zip Disks    $19.99
  • 3 1/2 inch Floppy Disks     $19.99
  • 8 Track Audio Cassette     $19.99 
  •  * Emailed-Dropbox link, View, Share, and Download to your own device

Repair Damaged/Broken Tape

  • $19.99 each

FREE - Old VHS Tape Viewing Center

Do you have old video tapes that you don't even know what's on them anymore. Maybe you don't even have a machine that can play them anymore.

Not a problem - just bring them to Shramek's Video and use our Viewing center. If you place an order with us- the Viewing Center Is FREE

  • 7 reasons to use emailed Dropbox download link

  1. We send you an email with a Dropbox link that you can Share and Download.
  2. Once it opens,  Just follow the Easy Download Instructions, You don't need a dropbox account
  3. Dropbox makes it easy to share with anyone  .The awesome thing about this is that your recipient only needs a device that can open an email such as a Smartphone, iPad, iPod, any Computer, etc.
  4. Totally safe because no one will have the link except people you share it with.. 
  5. Shramek's promise to you -- We will never leave you with any file that you don't know how to use. We are your unending tech support - If you have any problems just call Grant at 402-805-8800 --  8 am to 8 pm  - Any Day
  6. Add an additional 2 months for just $4.99.
  7. Let us do the sharing work for you - You can email us a list with the email addresses of Friends and Family and we will send them a Dropbox link for you that they can download and share.  Just $1.00 each