Slides/Photo Transfer


Slides/Photo Transfer

  • Any Digital images 
  • $ .49 each

  • Emailed Images    
  • $ .69 each

  • Scanned images    
  • $ .99 each

  • DVD or Flash Drive 
  • $12.99

  • Vimeo Cloud Service - shareable and downloadable 
  • $12.99 each

For details about Vimeo Secure cloud service see below

  • Add Music to Any Media
  • $15.99

Details about Vimeo Secure Cloud Service

Share your videos with anyone.

No need to mail DVDs or Flash Drives.

We send you a link in an email that you will save.

All you have to do is click the share button,

type in the email address that you would like to send your video to and click send.

The really awesome thing about this is that your recipient does not need a

 DVD player or a computer with a USB plug-in for a Flash drive.

 Your video can be viewed by anyone with a Smartphone, iPad, iPod, any computer, etc.

You have a choice, your video can be public, unlisted or password-protected. 

All your recipient has to do is open the email and click on the link and it just works.

  •  $12.99 per item