Slides/Photo Transfer

Slides/Photo Transfer

  • Create a digital slideshow On video

Bring or send us any digital file pictures or videos, and we will edit them according to your instructions. Read on to see how easy it is.

  • At your request, we will Email you a File Request. All you have to do Is open the email and drag and drop any digital file, picture, video, audio, etc. to the File request, and it will upload directly to Shramek's Video. Of course, you still have the original files on your device, so there is no chance of anything being permanently lost or damaged. If you have Friends or Family that would like to contribute media to this project, give us their email address, and we will send them a file request

Or bring your media to our studio.

  • Picture files digital --------------------$.69 each
  • Pictures that we need to scan --- $1.00 each
  • Video files --------------------------------$6.99 per Clip
  • Music you supply for project ------$15.99 flat fee
  • Music Shramek's Supplies --------- $6.99 per song Additional

After you have sent us your digital files using our

File Request emailed to your inbox.

We will email you with a Total Price. 

At this point, you have not committed to anything, 

You can still say yes or no to the project.

Flash drive - $12.99

Plus - When you purchase a Flash drive of your project.

Transfer to Flash Drive and Add a Shareable &  Downloadable 

Dropbox link Click here for Details

(You do not need a dropbox account) 

Great for downloading and sharing with anyone

You do not need a Dropbox account

It's very easy but if  you have any problems just call 402-805-8800

 Ask for Grant we will be your unending tech-support

DVDs - $12.99 each

Not eligible for Dropbox discount