Memory Box - Talk to the people that actually do your order.

Send Us Your Memories

Put all of your old Memorabilia into a memory box and send it to us.

When was the last time you could easily view any of your precious memories?

We pay for Return shipping

If you have any questions contact at Shramek' or call 402-805-8800 

When we send your order back, we will keep a digital copy on our hard drives

until you email us that you have received your order.

  • We can transfer any of the following :Photos, Slides, Any tape format
  • VHS C-cassettes, 8mm, Betamax cassettes, Betacam cassettes, Zip disks, Floppy disks,
  • Audio cassettes, reel to reel, Old movie film, super 8mm, regular 8mm

Emailed-Cloud Link - Active for 10 days, Plenty of time to view, share and download to your own device

  • $19.99 For the entire order 

10 reasons to use our Emailed-Digital Download

  1. No need to mail DVDs or Flash Drives.
  2. We send you an email with a link that you can Share and Download.
  3. Once it opens,  Just follow the Easy Download Instructions
  4. Forward the email To anyone you would like to share with .The awesome thing about this is that your recipient only needs a device that will open an email such as a Smartphone, iPad, iPod, any Computer, etc.
  5. Totally safe because no one will have the link except people you share it with.. 
  6. All your recipient has to do is open the email  And follow Easy Download Instructions
  7. Shramek's promise to you- -- We will never leave you with any file that you don't know how to use. We are your unending tech support - If you have any problems just call Grant at 402-805-8800 --  8 am -8 pm  - Any Day
  8. Only $19.99 per unit.
  9. This link is available for 10 days, plenty of time to Download to your own device and share with anyone you would like. For a small fee 
  10. You can extend your time, Just call Grant At 402-805-8800

Feel Free to Call Us

We would like to talk to you before you send us anything so we can take notes and make sure we produce a transfer exactly the way you want.

Call Grant 402-805-8800 

Any day 8 AM to 8 PM

Call Janet 402-475-2767  

Any day 8 AM to 8 PM