Old movie film transfer


Old Movie Film

  • Your original media is Always returned to you

  • $9.50  (per 50-foot reel)

this is the same as $.19 per film foot.

  • $12.50 Sound Film (per 50 foot reel)  

This is the same as $.25 per film foot.

  • $19.99 Dropbox link - Downloadable and Shareable Directly to your email inbox. You do not need a Dropbox account.

  • $12.99 each Flash drive or DVD

Additional one-time charge for the Flash drive $4.99

  • Additional copies of the same DVD $6.99 each

  • Add Music to Silent Media $15.99

Film Footage

If you don't know how much film you have, bring it to our studio and we will assist you in figuring out exactly how much footage you have before you commit to anything. 

If making a trip to the studio is inconvenient, give us a call and we can walk you through figuring out how much footage you have. 

Emailed-Dropbox Link - Downloadable and Shareable

9 reasons to use our Emailed Dropbox Download Link 

  1. No dropbox account needed
  2. No need to mail DVDs or Flash Drives. No S&H FEE
  3. Much higher quality than DVD 
  4. We send you an email with a Dropbox link that you can Download and Share.
  5. Once it opens,  Just follow the Easy to Download and Share Instructions
  6. The awesome thing about this is that your recipient only needs a device that will open an email such as a Smartphone, iPad, iPod, any Computer, etc.
  7. Shramek's promise to you -- We will never leave you with any file that you don't know how to use. We are your unending tech support - If you have any problems                                                                                                       Just call Grant at 402-805-8800 --  8 am to 8 pm  - Any Day
  8. Add an additional 1 month for just $5.00. (Total of 60 Days)
  9. Let us do the sharing work for you - You can email us a list with the email addresses of Friends and Family and we will send them a Dropbox link for you that they can download and share.  Just $1.00 each

Your media remains locked in our studio until you pick it up

We never place your order in the mail, unless we have your permission and a digital backup on our hard drives. Unlike many of the big Mail Processors and Box Stores that ship your order off for processing. Sometimes even to foreign countries. (Is it any wonder that the turnaround times can be very long and orders sometimes can be lost or damaged) Some of these processors dispose of your old media and only give you the digital copy back. Shramek's video will always return your old media to you.