Old movie film transfer


How to figure Your Film Footage

If you don't know how many films you have, bring it to our studio and we will assist you in figuring out exactly how much footage you have before you commit to anything. 

If making a trip to the studio is inconvenient, give us a call and we can walk you through figuring out how much footage you have. 

Old Movie Film Transfer

  • Your original media is NEVER MAILED and is Always returned to you

  • All work is done in our studio

  • $9.50  (per 50-foot reel)

this is the same as $.19 per film foot.

  • $12.50 Sound Film (per 50 foot reel)  

This is the same as $.25 per film foot.

BONUS -Transfer to Flash Drive and Add a Shareable &  Downloadable Dropbox link click here for more details

Dropbox is Great for sharing with anyone.

No need to buy additional Flash drives or DVDs, then Package stand in line at the post office pay postage .Do everything from your own  home with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

Dropbox is very easy but if you're not familiar with it  Shramek’s video will be your own ending tech-support.

DVDs $12.99 each 

Not eligible for Dropbox discount


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BONUS -Transfer to Flash Drive and Add a Shareable & Downloadable Dropbox link $2.00 each

This is a really great way to share with friends and relatives at no additional cost no need to buy additional DVDs or Flash drives

 you do not need a Dropbox account

It's very easy but if  you have any problems just call 402-805-8800 Ask for Grant, we will be your unending tech-support

All work done in our studio - Never mailed

Don't take the chance that your film could be lost Or damaged in the mail. It can never be replaced.

 Some of the big box stores even send it out to foreign countries.

That's why their turnaround times .are so long.